Rumor: Will Zynga remove FarmVille Collections?

After over a year of being in FarmVille, Collections might be taken away from the game, a forum thread rumor suggests. Players are asking around on the FarmVille forums whether this feature might be removed from the farm after a user posted the above image. It shows the Needlepoint, an item from one of the game's permanent Collections, and reads, "Hurry to find more Needlepoint items, the Country Kitsch Collection won't be here for--"

The message within the pop-up cuts off after that. Oddly enough, the image of the Needlepoint is not found on the pop-up, but is replaced by a white box, which could lead skeptics to believe this is a hoax. However, this could just as easily be a loading glitch. FarmVille community manager Stumpgrinder chimed in with, "I haven't heard about these being withdrawn... I think that message has been up there for awhile though."

Bugs Collection
While it would be wise to trust a community manager, his response doesn't explain the far clearer image above. This time, a player found this pop-up claiming that another permanent Collection, the Bugs Collection, would be going away soon as well. Still fake? You decide, but you might want to turn in any Collections you have lying around before the feature potentially goes kaput.

[Image Credit: oneraven and Amber3]

Have you seen similar messages appear in your game? Why would Zynga remove this feature after an entire year? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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