Presidents' Day Sales: Where the Best Deals Can Be Found

presidents day salesWhere can you find the best Presidents Day sales -- beyond cars and electronics? We asked retail expert, Dan Butler, the National Retail Federation's VP Merchandising and Retail Operations.

Here's his take -- and your expected savings (and here's our list of stores offering deals this weekend):Winter Apparel
Savings: 50%-70%

winter apparelFrom coats and gloves to mittens, scarfs and more, retailers are looking to unload whatever winter apparel is still sitting around the clearance racks. "They're doing everything they can to clean up those last residues as they make way for spring merchandise," says Butler. But, he warns, the racks are thinning -- and rapidly. "You won't find a lot of colors and sizes, but you will find deals."

Savings: 35%-50%

Basic clothes like socksGranted, basics -- which includes things like socks, underwear and intimate apparel -- isn't the sexiest category, but Butler says load up because the prices are good. "Retailers keep basics in stock all year long, but they roll out the promotions over Presidents Day weekend to drive traffic and drive sales," says Butler.

Exercise Equipment
Savings: 35%-50%

If your resolution in 2011 was to lose weight/get in shape, chances are you've been to the gym, tried out a few classes and are now looking to extend the momentum. "The reality is that if you haven't abandoned your resolution, you're probably getting more serious -- and enthused -- about it," says Butler. That often means making an investment in home exercise equipment, from treadmills to weights, "particularly with swimsuit season just around the corner."

Carpeting, Flooring, Bedding and More
Savings: Up to 50%

new furniturePost holidays, there is a renewed emphasis on the home. "The tree is long gone, people take a look around, clean up and decide they want to spruce things up," says Butler. And the savings is significant -- on most home-related products -- from china, crystal, sofas and more. Furthermore, many retailers sweeten the deal by offering free delivery or free installation, says Butler.
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