Official FarmVille Podcast (02/18/2011): Second farm coming with England Expansion


In this week's official FarmVille podcast, we were given some new information about the English Countryside expansion that we've been bringing you news about for the past few weeks. Via the English Countryside, we'll be able to have and use a second farm based in the English Countryside.

This English Countryside farm will have special soil that will help you master crops faster than ever before (Faster than 3x? Sign me up!). The farm will also be populated by friendly characters like Agatha, our neighbor. These characters will help guide us throughout the English Countryside farm, and will present us with special activities and challenges to complete, presumably for new rewards. This new farm will give us access to new, apparently exclusive crops, building and "much more" that will be released over time. All users level 20 and above will have access to the English Countryside by default, and those players above level 20 can help those users level 19 and below unlock the second farm by sending them materials and "teaching them how to make their visit."

Starting next week, the FarmVille English Countryside fan page will start releasing more sneak peeks about this new expansion, so Zynga encourages users to Like the page to receive those updates on their news feed.

In other news, the Greenhouse will apparently be receiving a new feature, as we have been encouraged to save our seeds, as we'll have something new to do with them in the future. We were also given a very brief heads-up that a new promotion will be coming to the game soon; we can only guess it's the AVG promotion that we told you about yesterday, but that remains to be seen at this point.

If you missed the full podcast, which contains a rundown of the Wishing Well feature added yesterday, you can check it out at the top of this post.

How excited are you for the English Countryside Expansion in FarmVille? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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