Now Hiring: Pricewaterhouse (PwC) to Add 45,000

Pricewaterhouse Hiring PwC, formerly known as PricewaterhouseCoopers, and probably most famous for being the firm that counts the Academy Awards votes, is reported to be hiring about 45,000 new employees this year. That's in addition to the 161,000 employees already on board.

The company's talent leader, Paula Loop, sat down with FINS reporter Kyle Stock and told him that those new hires would include interns and campus hires, as well as experienced workers. Most of them would be hired to work in the United States, United Kingdom, China, Central and Eastern Europe, and India, with about 10,000 of those positions going to candidates in the states. That's a 60 percent increase in new hires over 2009 and 2010.

Many of those jobs will be in financial services, health care, and PwC's Washington, D.C., federal practice. Some employee perks include the opportunity to enroll in employee development programs in either either Warsaw, Singapore or Boston, and the entire week between Christmas and New Years off -- for everyone in the company.

PwC is working with, among other websites, to find likely candidates. Those interested in the current PwC hiring can find out more about the corporate culture, benefits, required qualifications and the types of jobs available by checking out PwC's website. Looking at some of the job openings posted on their site, there seem to be quite a few positions available in Northern California at the moment.

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