FrontierVille Prairie Pox Quests: Everything you need to know


Hey there partners! You might have noticed that a new building has launched in FrontierVille in the form of a Doctor's Office, but for some of you, it may not appear to be a necessary item to build. However, this is simply because you haven't received a visit from a new character in the game - a wandering traveler, if you will. This traveler will bring with him a mission series associated with the new Doctor's Office, and will give you an opportunity to tackle the case of Prairie Pox that is now spreading around your land.

The traveler himself has a single quest, before the actually Prairie Pox quest line begins. Keep in mind that all of this information is subject to change at any time, as Zynga decides to roll this quest out to more and more players. That being said, this traveler requires you to fulfill three tasks in the game:

Harvest 10 Apple Trees
Have 3 Chicken Broth
Purchase one Bed of Flowers

The Chicken Broth is part of the Chicken collection, while the Bed of Flowers can be purchased from the store for 14,500 coins. There are rumors that you might be able to buy or place another kind of Flower Bed (ie: one that's cheaper) for this task to complete, but we can't confirm that at this time. Your rewards for helping the traveler feel more comfortable on your homestead are 500 coins, 1 Prescription, and 1 Glass Vial.

This then unlocks a series of four Prairie Pox quests that will see you battling the sickness head on. Meet us behind the break for a look at those missions.