FrontierVille: Peppermint available to grow; collection now available


To go along with the release of the Doctor's Office and Prairie Pox quests in FrontierVille, Zynga has also released a new crop --err, bush to the game. This plant is Peppermint, which has long been used in the medicinal field to help those with various illnesses. Now, you can grow some on your frontier as well.

Peppermint is similar to trees in that it must be watered multiple times before becoming a fully grown bush capable of being harvested. However, it is similar to a crop in terms of its size, as a fully grown peppermint really only grows to the size of say, Wheat or Sunflowers. Peppermint can be purchased from the store for 200 coins for a single bush (or 190 coins, if you have the store discount active in your game, as seen at right). This is planted in a very small circular plot of land, similar to a tree.

You'll need to come back and water the Peppermint every four hours to help it grow. A single watering costs a single energy, and you'll gain experience points (or perhaps coins, if you're lucky) for watering the bush. Once it has grown to full size, you'll be able to harvest it for "fruit," with fruit being produced every four hours.

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