FrontierVille Doctor's Office: Everything you need to know


Apparently, the cold winter weather out on the frontier has given your homestead's villagers a need for a new Doctor's Office in FrontierVille, as that's the exact building that Zynga has released into the game this afternoon. To be specific, a case of Prairie Pox has been spreading through your land like wild-fire, and you'll need to build the Doctor's Office to help fight off the plague.

The Doctor's Office is now available to purchase from the market for 1,000 coins and 20 Wood. You'll need to whack the base eight times, with each whack costing 10 wood, in order to complete its frame. From there, you'll need to collect six new items to complete the construction of the Doctor's Office in full. Meet us behind the break to find out what those six items are, and how to gather them on your homestead.