FrontierVille Doctor's Office collection now available


As with all new buildings in FrontierVille, a new collection has been added to the game this afternoon to coincide with the release of the Doctor's Office in the game. This collection is called, appropriately enough, the Doctor's Office collection, and it asks you to find five new items:

Bone Saw

You'll be able to earn these items at random when collecting the Daily Bonus from a fully built Doctor's Office, so remember to collect that bonus once per day to finish this collection quicker. If you happen to come across a Syringe however, hold onto that item, as you'll need it for one of the steps in the recently released Prairie Pox quests.

All told, if you can finish this collection, you'll receive a free Medical Supplies item and 100 XP. Remember to place these items on your wish list if you want to see if your friends can help you finish it faster.

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What do you think of this new collection? Will you hold onto the items in case they are needed for another quest, or will you turn it in the first chance you can? Let us know in the comments.