FarmVille scam alert: fake Lucky Penny news feed posts

We're not sure what's going on, but a massive number of FarmVille scams are currently circulating the news feeds. The latest one takes advantage of players who are trying to collect Lucky Pennies for their Wishing Wells. The scam looks very similar to a legitimate FarmVille wall post in that the image and the text are very similar, however the "Get Lucky" link leads players to a different fanpage in an effort to get them to "like" the page.

The best ways to identify which ones of these are spam to first to check the text: the above gray text misspells the word "wishing" as "wisshing". The second way is to hover over the "Get Lucky" link to see where it will take you. In this case, you can see that instead of taking you to the FarmVille application (, the link leads to a "FarmVille Bonus" fan page.