CityVille Patrol: Cops 'n' robbers will take to the streets soon

Cops 'n' robbers will be headed to CityVille soon, as per this pop-up that appeared while I was visiting my virtual city today. There's not a lot of details on what this will entail, other than the hint that 'heroics with friends' will keep the bad guys away. I'm taking that to mean that you'll need to rely on your CVille pals to keep your streets free of crime.

I also like how the criminals are called 'mischievous characters' and based on their mug shots -- they look like the friendliest would-be convicts we've ever seen. Now that I'm thinking about it -- that's also the happiest cop I've ever seen as well. Move over Disneyland -- CityVille is now the happiest place on Earth.
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