Cafe World Fry Hard Goals V - X: Everything you need to know


Back in the middle of January, Zynga released a four-part goals series in Cafe World called "Fry Hard." These quests, of course, utilized the Deep Fryer item in your cafe by allowing you to unlock three new recipes to cook in said Deep Fryer. Apparently, that wasn't enough recipes for some users, as Zynga has now released another six missions in the series that leaves off where Fry Hard IV left off.

That being the case, the first new mission being released this week is Fry Hard V, but it will only be available to those that have completed parts I - IV first. For a complete guide on how to get up to this point, make sure to check out our guide.

All set? Meet us behind the break to see what new items and recipes are in store for you via these six new missions. Keep in mind, these missions are subject to change at any time.