Alaska Air Group Employees Split $72 Million in Bonuses

Alaska Air Group Not all multi-million dollar bonuses go into the pockets of corporate fat cats. Here's news of one American company that divides millions of dollars worth of annual bonuses among its employees. Just last week Alaska Air Group paid record annual bonuses totaling $72 million to nearly all of its 12,600 employees, because they helped the company exceed their 2010 operational and financial goals.

But wait ... there's more. That bonus, which comes out to be about 9 percent of each employee's salary, or more than one month's pay for most, is in addition to $1,000 to $1,200 in monthly bonuses each employee earned last year for achieving on-time and customer satisfaction targets. The monthly and annual bonuses combined amounted to $85 million, company-wide.

"Our company enjoyed a banner year marked by record financial results, being the No. 1 on-time major airline in North America and winning our third straight J.D. Power award for customer service," said Bill Ayer, Alaska Air Group's chairman and chief executive officer." The outstanding efforts of our employees are at the heart of our success."

Most of those bonuses are being paid to employees in the Pacific Northwest, where the company is based. Nearly $44 million in bonuses (61 percent of the total) is being paid to some 6,000 Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air employees in the Puget Sound area. Another $10.7 million is being paid to employees in the Portland, Ore., area while $7.6 million is going to other workers throughout the state of Alaska. That should bring a dose of sunshine to a predominantly cloudy area!

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