Steve Jobs: Will He Live to See His New House?

steve jobs
steve jobs

Apple founder Steve Jobs is regarded as one of the tech world's true visionaries -- but rumors are mounting that the mercurial CEO may not live to see his company's latest innovations, as well as his new house. Hugh Collins at our sister site,, reports on the latest info regarding Jobs's health.

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple (AAPL), has only six weeks to live, according to the National Enquirer.

The often sensationalist tabloid published photos in of Jobs looking extremely thin and frail, according to TNT magazine.

Jobs has taken his third medical leave of absence from Apple in seven years. In 2004 he was treated for pancreatic cancer and in 2009 he received a liver transplant. He has not specified the reason for his latest medical leave.

The photos were apparently taken at the Stanford Cancer Center.

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