RoboStir Review: A Spoon Does a Better Job

The Product: RoboStir
The Price: Online: $10 plus $6.99 shipping and handling
The Claims: It stirs, so you don't have to.
Buy-O-Meter Rating: 0 out of 5

RoboStir promises to eliminate that time-eating kitchen chore -- stirring food.

For the record, I love robots. My vaccuming robot, Roomba, is my best friend. And the idea of a pot-stirring robot, that really tends the Alfredo while I chop vegetables for a pasta primavera, seems like a marvelous idea (although RoboStir's claim to be "a third hand in the kitchen" feels a little creepy).

robostir reviewSo I gladly tested RoboStir. And for the first five minutes, the three-speed gadget vibrated, hummed, and wobbled around a saucepan of hot water. I was so encouraged, I bought $60 worth of soups, stews and sauces -- if I don't have time to stir, I don't have time to cook from scratch -- to put RoboStir through its paces.

During its infomercial, RoboStir races around the edges of pots and pans, churning all liquids in its wake.

In real life, RoboStir just sat there -- like a lump-- while a quart of milk for hot cocoa boiled over my range.

I changed the 4 AA batteries and sat RoboStir into 7 pounds of cheese sauce, which I had hoped to pour over chips for a Super Bowl party. But the tool was dead, and no amount of slapping and tapping could revive it.

No nachos por mio!

On second thought, leaving anything on the stove unattended isn't a good idea. So even if RoboStir had worked, I wouldn't trust it to keep my meal -- or my house -- from burning.

RoboStir is a bad idea translated into a worse gadget.

What's next? RoboChew?

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Editors Note (Feb. 18): Telebrands sent the following statement after our review appeared. We typically purchase the products we test in the same way as any consumer. On occasion, we have tested one provided by the company.

The RoboStir is recommended to work with pots or pans that have a flat surface in order for the product to be able to move around the pot or pan. It is best used for gravy, soups, sauces and chili that have a liquid-base consistency.
The product is still in test phase and final product has not been released to the public. The sample provided to AOL was a pre-production sample. Full-scale manufacturing of the final product is scheduled to commence in the next few weeks.

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