Incrediland on Facebook: An incredibly confusing experience

Incrediland is confusing
Remember what it felt like to watch the Teletubbies as an adult or even a young adult, for that matter? Playing Incrediland on Facebook is to relive that wave of unsettling and aggravating confusion. The only difference between the two is the former was designed for toddlers while the latter is in a place largely dominated by an audience that's 18 and older. Home of the Incredimals and developed by a company of the same name, Incrediland is a series of small islands containing three species of these strange creatures. And your task is to collect them all through horribly disconnected activities and terrible loading times.

The game starts you off with one Incredimal, the Gambi. Now, there are 30 subspecies to each of the game's species of critters making for 90 total Incredimals to collect. Now, how you do this is where Incrediland becomes frustratingly convoluted. Frankly, I created an Incredimal and have no idea how I did it. Even after reading the game's tutorial carefully the process is like some sort of endless, pointless Rube Goldberg puzzle.

Gambi in the wild
From what could be gathered, you will visit your second Incredimal through a series of nondescript menus and tiny buttons. Then, you will breed this creature with your existing one to create a new Incredimal that will hopefully fulfill one of the 30 subspecies you are looking to acquire. After the baby hatches from the Incubator, which takes a full hour, you can teach it new tricks in the Nursery for it to mature into an adult. Each trick costs Incredicoins to teach your critter, but these can be refilled through several methods as well as buying them outright for cash. Oh, and these Incredimals also have stats attached to them--Speed, Strength and Intelligence--but you likely won't have an idea in the slightest as to what they mean (I don't).

Finally, your newly trained and matured Incredimal can breed with your existing ones to create new subspecies. As you level up from creating new creatures, you will gain access to new species and subspecies. The game's tutorial video claims that your friends will be needed to progress, but I've yet to see any reason to add friends other than the ability to trade and sell Incredimals. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to much more to Incrediland than the simple and inexplicable act of collecting miscellaneous creatures. Sure, Incrediland has an impressive and complex breeding concept and collection hook, but its been nearly impossible to appreciate beneath baffling interaction design.

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