Increased Higher Education Hiring a Blessing and a Curse

Higher Education Hiring That art history major might be more marketable than you thought. Employment in the field of higher education seems to be increasing, and recovering quite nicely from the recession. According to a new report, advertisements for job openings in higher education surged 44.4 percent in 2010, compared to a drop of 27.2 percent in 2009.

The new report from HigherEdJobs, a jobs and career website that covers the field of academia, found that trends in higher education employment growth, are making history. Higher education employment grew 3.2 percent during Q4 of 2010 and was up 3.1 percent for the year, both figures representing record highs since at least 2005.

But professors and academic instructors should not raise their glasses just yet. The report also found that colleges and universities continued to recruit more administrators and executives than faculty. Still, recruitment for all academic job titles is up, including for faculty.

Four year universities are not the only ones doing the hiring. New employment at community colleges continued to be strong throughout 2010.

Geographically speaking, higher education job postings were up in all regions of the country, with the biggest surges occurring in the Mountain and New England regions, and the lowest number of new hirings coming from the West South Central area.

These statistics represent good news for those employed in academia, but potentially less than positive news for students. Increases in faculty expenses are one of many factors that cause tuition increases.

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