Gay Housing Project Slated for Palm Springs

gay housing
gay housing

Matthias Hollwich has big plans to build an innovative gay housing development for seniors in Palm Springs, Calif., called BOOM. The 40-year-old New York architect is the ringleader of what FastCompany magazine's design blog is calling -- with some understatement -- "a wacky, $250m old folks' community for gays."

As the gay housing market mushroomed over the last decade, developers jumped on the bandwagon by hyping LGBT-oriented retirement communities. But most -- including Santa Rosa's Fountaingrove Lodge, Oregon's Rainbow Vista, and a facility in Boston's Fenway neighborhood -- tanked before laying a brick.

Will BOOM be a bust? "Most other developments just focused on quick sales," Hollwich says. "We don't. We will also have a 10-city tour where we invite people to come to workshops, work with us on the reinvention of architecture and community. Once we have a critical mass and shaped the concept of BOOM towards the needs of the future residences, then it will be for sale....It will be a big success, for the people who will live there and beyond."