FarmVille Wishing Well: Everything you need to know

farmville wishing well
farmville wishing well

Note: If you'd rather NOT wait for the Wishing Well to come to you over time, you can follow a few steps to "force" the game to give you one. Simply claim a penny from a news feed post from your friends that DO have the Wishing Well. Go into your Gift Box and attempt to use the Lucky Penny. You will be shown the store, with a store preview of the Wishing Well. Click on the "Preview" button and click "Buy." You will be forced to pay 5,000 coins to have the Wishing Well through this method, but at least you won't have to wait for it to come to your game.

Last week, we brought you a sneak peek of a then unreleased Wishing Well in FarmVille, that would apparently be part of the game's St. Patrick's Day celebration for this year. Well, the item is unreleased no more, as some lucky farmers are now receiving the Wishing Well on their farms. As with all major features, the Wishing Well update is on a slow rollout to users - if you don't see anything concerning this new feature in your own game, be patient as it will come to you eventually.