FarmVille Wishing Well: Everything you need to know

farmville wishing well

Note: If you'd rather NOT wait for the Wishing Well to come to you over time, you can follow a few steps to "force" the game to give you one. Simply claim a penny from a news feed post from your friends that DO have the Wishing Well. Go into your Gift Box and attempt to use the Lucky Penny. You will be shown the store, with a store preview of the Wishing Well. Click on the "Preview" button and click "Buy." You will be forced to pay 5,000 coins to have the Wishing Well through this method, but at least you won't have to wait for it to come to your game.

Last week, we brought you a sneak peek of a then unreleased Wishing Well in FarmVille, that would apparently be part of the game's St. Patrick's Day celebration for this year. Well, the item is unreleased no more, as some lucky farmers are now receiving the Wishing Well on their farms. As with all major features, the Wishing Well update is on a slow rollout to users - if you don't see anything concerning this new feature in your own game, be patient as it will come to you eventually.
For those that are lucky enough to receive the Wishing Well, however, you'll be prompted to place your free building via an in-game pop-up. From there, you'll be introduced to what makes this feature different, as it combines an over item-collection feature in the form of collecting Lucky Pennies with four smaller collections of mostly St. Patrick's Day themed items. Redeeming these items will reward you with four prizes.

Once you place the Wishing Well on your farm, you'll need to start collecting Lucky Pennies (Zynga is nice enough to give you a free throw either way). Lucky Pennies can be collected via asking for them from friends, or you can purchase them in bulk - 5 Lucky Pennies for 4 Farm Cash. Gathering them from friends is a two-fold process. When you first place your Wishing Well, you can post a general request for a Lucky Penny on your wall (which then goes to your friends' news feeds). When a friend clicks on the request and gives you a Lucky Penny, they will receive one for themselves as well.

Otherwise, you can click on the "Ask for Pennies" button inside the Wishing Well (only appears when you have no pennies in your inventory), and then send individual gift requests to your friends, asking them to send you a penny.

When collecting pennies through such wall posts, you'll also sometimes randomly "stumble upon" extra pennies that you can share to your news feed as well. Once you have at least one Lucky Penny, you can throw it into your Wishing Well for the chance to receive one of six collection items.

You'll see the your current collection objective at the bottom of the Wishing Well's menu. You'll start on the Level 1 Collection, and by completing it, will move onto Level 2, 3, and 4. You must complete the previous collection before unlocking the next, and each collection has six different items to gather. Again, for each Penny you throw into the Wishing Well, you have a chance of receiving one of the six items needed for your current collection.

Level I is called the St. Patrick's Collection, and it has you collecting the following items:

Four Leaf Clover
Leprechaun Hat
Pint Glass
Lucky Horseshoe
Celtic Knot

The prize is a Leprechaun Gnome, an item that was available last year in the game's St. Patrick's Day event (via the Pot of Gold).

Level II is called the Irish Flower Collection, and it has you collecting various themed flowers:

Wild Thyme
Irish Eyebright
Bog Asphodel
Golden Samphire
St. Dabeoc's Health

The prize for Level II is a Clover Rabbit - a lovely green rabbit with a clover pattern on its side.

Level III is called the Irish Food Collection. Here's what you'll need to gather:

Irish Stew
Belfast Bap
Ulster Fry
Soda Bread

The prizes start to get really good now, as you'll receive a free Irish Cottage building for completing this collection.

Finally, Level IV is the Irish Landmark Collection. Here are the items within:

Gap of Dunloe
Giant's Causeway
Ross Castle
Blarney Stone
St. Patrick's Cathedral

The final prize for this event (currently) is the Dexter Cow, which will assumedly give off a Dexter Cow if placed inside a Dairy Barn with a Bull.

And there you have it - The first of what appears to be three buildings that will be released in FarmVille as part of this year's St. Patrick's Day event. Will this year's Pot of Gold or Tree House items interact with the Wishing Well, or will this be an entirely solo feature? We'll be sure to let you know as we know more in the coming days and weeks.

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Have you received a Wishing Well on your farm yet? What do you think of the prizes? Add comment.

farmville wishing well

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