FarmVille Scam Alert: Avoid posts offering Knight Steed Foals

farmville knight steed foal

Earlier today, we brought you a FarmVille Scam Alert detailing the supposed giveaway of a Kung Fu Duck in FarmVille. This evening, we've seen another round of fake FarmVille bonus posts being released, this time concerning a free giveaway of a Knight Steed Foal, which would, of course, come from the Knight Steed released in the game just this week as part of the new Fairy Tale theme of items.
This scam is almost entirely convincing, save for one flaw in the post itself. You'll see a post saying that one of your friends just claimed a Knight Steed Foal, and has one to share with you - clicking on the link on the post would supposedly give you that free Knight Steed Foal. The problem is, when clicking this link, you'll actually be taken to the FarmVille Bonus page, where you'll again be asked if you would like to accept this award. Don't do that! This is in no way associated with Zynga or any official FarmVille giveaway.

The major giveaway here that this is a fake post is in the spelling of the animal name, as Knight is incorrectly spelled as "Knigth." Otherwise, the post does look pretty legitimate, including the "Via FarmVille" link at the bottom of the post, which is also found on every accurate post for the game.

The only way you'll actually receive one of these Foals in your game is if you claim one from a friend who has received one from breeding a Knight Steed in their Horse Stable. In this case, though, the post would have no spelling mistakes, and wouldn't take you to another Facebook page - it would simply load FarmVille as normal. As of this writing, there is unfortunately no other way to earn said foal in the game.

Have you seen other fake FarmVille posts on your news feed that you think users should look out for? Let us know what they are in the comments!
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