FarmVille Fairy Tale Trees: Caramel Apple I, Confetti Tree, & Sugar Plum Tree re-released

To go along with the launch of the Fairy Tale theme in FarmVille, Zynga has re-released three formerly limited edition (and retired) trees to the game's store as part of the theme. Of course, these are three trees that have more whimsical "fruit," meaning that they fit in with the Fairy Tale theme, which is of course, all about imagination.

The trees are the Caramel Apple I, Confetti Tree, and Sugar Plum Tree. These trees were first released in the Halloween 2010, New Year 2010/2011, and Winter Holiday 2010 themes, respectively. If you picked up these trees in those themes, then feel free to skip them now, as their prices haven't decreased - they all cost 5 Farm Cash - and your mastery points from currently owned trees have not been affected. If you skipped purchasing them before, however, now is definitely your chance for retribution.

Remember, placing these trees in Orchards will reward you with other trees as Mystery Seedlings. the Sugar Plum Tree rewards you with a Mint Candy Tree seedling, the Confetti Tree spawns the Disco Ball Tree seedling, and the Caramel Apple I offers the Caramel Apple II tree.

You'll have your second chance at purchasing these trees for the next two weeks, at which point they will once again be retired from the game. Will we see them again? Only time will tell at this point, but do you really want to take the chance that your second opportunity to purchase these trees will be your last?

Did you purchase these trees the first time they were released, or are you picking them up for the first time now? Let us know in the comments.