Facebook Game Cheats and Tips: How to master the new News Feed

Facebook News Feed tweak
As some of the more observant social gamers may have noticed, the Facebook team has revamped the way the News Feed works. While the changes have greatly reduced the clutter in your News Feed, they might have reduced the amount of social game-related posts you're seeing. This is because the News Feed now (by default) displays only the News Feed posts by friends and Pages that you interact with the most. But what if you want to see all of those posts in the rare chance they provide something useful? Here's how to make it happen.

On your homepage, scroll all the way up to the top of your News Feed. Then, click on the text that will most likely read "Most Recent" and you will see a drop down menu appear. If you'd like to see all game-related News Feed post from your friends, click on the Games icon and your feed will refresh with only those updates. This way, you can easily see what everyone is up to and reap the benefits more easily. Who said you need third party apps?

Games Feed
You can also tailor the News Feed to only display posts from those you want to posts from by clicking on the "X" next to their name in any given post. Choose "Hide all by [X]" to never see a post from them again. Better yet, if all you're interested in is gaming on your account, you can create your own Friend's List to populate the News Feed. All other posts will be blocked from your feed. So, say you only want to see FarmVille-related posts. Then create a Friend's List that only includes the FarmVille fan page, your favorite news sites and your swathe of farmer friends. Finally, watch the News Feed populate with all the bonus items you could have never hoped to find before.

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