Wheel of Fortune on Facebook lets players create their own puzzles

Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Creator
Who would want Vanna White's job anyway when you can be the mastermind behind the brain teasers? Thanks to an update by GSN, you can now create your own puzzles in the Wheel of Fortune game for Facebook. While the game calls them Greetings and offers several templates, the truly creative types will select the "Create Your Own" option and go to town.
A sent puzzle greeting
After selecting a creation option, players will have to type out the puzzle and preview how it will appear to their friends. You can then include a personal message (perhaps a hint? ... Nah.), but it's not necessary. When your friend receives the greeting, they'll have to solve the puzzle in traditional Wheel of Fortune style to find out what it says. Unfortunately, you can only create three greetings at a time. But where else will you be able to create your own Wheel of Fortune puzzles? I bet the line for the real deal is miles long, so this will have to do for now.

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