FarmVille: Zynga gives away free Duckling to all players


If you've been having trouble finding Ducklings randomly when harvesting from your FarmVilleDuck Pond, or if you can't see to snag any of the free Ducklings posted by your friends, Zynga is looking to help you out by offering you a free Duckling.

This, as of now, is simply a one-time-only bonus, that appears as an in-game pop-up the first time you play the game after this update. You'll be given a free Brown Duckling, that can grow up into one of a variety of different adults, if you gather the help of enough friends within the time limit. Hopefully, you won't suffer from the same empty menu and broken help requests that were experienced at the initial launch of this feature in the game.

It's great that Zynga has made an attempt to at least partially make up for this feature's bugs by offering users a free Duckling, and we can only hope that the feature is now bug-free once and for all. Just make sure to login to FarmVille soon to claim your free Duckling while it is available.

Have you continued to suffer from issues with the FarmVille Duck Pond? Will you grow this Duckling up into an adult? Let us know in the comments.