FarmVille: Giant Black Cherry Tree now in market; available from seedlings


In a two-part FarmVille update today, Zynga has made a change to the Black Cherry Tree released on Sunday evening as part of the game's Anti-Valentine's Day mini-theme. When the tree first launched, if you placed the Black Cherry Tree in an Orchard, it would spawn the Rainier Cherry Tree, which is already available from the standard Cherry Tree, lessening its value. However, in this update, Zynga has changed this so that the Black Cherry Tree can now spawn seedlings to a Giant Black Cherry Tree to fit in with the other giant trees that have been released in the game.

If you'd rather not wait or try your luck at receiving a Giant Black Cherry Tree seedling from an Orchard (or from a free seedling posted by your friends on the news feed), you can also now purchase this giant tree from the store for 10 Farm Cash. As the tree has been added after the other Anti-Valentine's Day items, its expiration date in the store reflects that accordingly, as it will be available to purchase on its own for two weeks - three days longer than the normally sized Black Cherry Tree itself.

If you were questioning whether or not the Black Cherry Tree was worth it before, the ability to spawn another exclusive tree might just be enough to persuade you to a purchase.

Will you purchase a Black Cherry Tree just to receive a giant version, or will you purchase the Giant Black Cherry tree and skip the steps in creating one? Let us know in the comments.

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