FrontierVille Buildin' a Ski Trail Timed Mission: Everything you need to know

After quite the break from timed missions in FrontierVille, Zynga has finally launched a new one this evening entitled "Buildin' a Ski Trail." This mission will have you completing three relatively simple tasks within a five day time limit, all in the hopes of receiving the new Ski Rack item that we brought you a sneak peek of at the end of January.

You'll have until the end of the month - February 28 - to accept this mission on your land, so feel free to hold off on accepting it until you've completed the other things on your plate. As we said, you'll have five days to complete this mission to earn 500 XP, 500 coins, and the Ski Rack decorative item, so meet us behind the break for all of the details about how to complete this new timed mission.

The three steps required to complete this mission are:

Clear 30 debris from Neighbor's Homestead
Harvest 10 Cherry Trees on Your Homestead
Get 10 Trail Markers from your Friends

With these steps, you'll be able to clearly see which tasks need to be performed on your own land, and which can be completed only when visiting neighbors. For the clearing debris step, if you have six neighbors that have quit the game entirely, make sure to scroll to the far left of your friends list to visit those neighbors first. Likely, their land will be so overgrown with weeds and flowers that you'll have no problem knocking this requirement out, and fast at that.

As for the Trail Markers, you'll need to ask your friends to send them to you via individual gift requests. As this mission has rolled out to users, it's likely that some of your friends have already asked you for these Trail Markers - you'll just need to accept their requests to receive Trail Markers back for yourself.

As a reminder, the prizes for finishing this mission are 500 XP, 500 coins and the Ski Rack. It's actually one of the easiest timed missions we've ever seen in the game, so you should have an easy time of it if you follow our simple step for finding enough debris.

What do you think of this timed mission? Would you do more timed missions if they were this simplistic? Let us know in the comments.
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