FarmVille Sneak Peek: Fantasy / Fairytale theme coming soon


It's not often when we have unreleased FarmVille images actually being released by Zynga before the items are launched in FarmVille proper, but such an instance has happened today, as Zynga has released a single sneak preview image of a new limited edition item theme that's "coming soon," over on the official FarmVille Blog. The image is of a tall tower, with what appears to be Rapunzel's hair cascading out of the tall window.

We've been able to add to the theme's sneak peek, as we've come across an additional image - that of a Fairy Pig, complete with crown, wings, and magical, sparkling wand. This leads us to believe that this new item theme will be one concerning either fairytales in general, or a wider range of fantasy items (more likely the former).

We'll be sure to keep you updated as to the development of this new theme as we have more information in the future. While it's unknown when this theme will be launching in full, it is nice to have this official confirmation from Zynga that it is indeed coming. Just how many fairytales or fantasy items will be represented, however, remains to be seen.

Which fairytales would you like to see Zynga give the FarmVille touch to? Let us know in the comments.