Facebook Scam: Don't Click on Fake Serene Branson 'Stroke' Video

facebook homepage - serene branson stroke
facebook homepage - serene branson stroke

Scammers on Facebook rapidly capitalized on a video supposedly showing a CBS Los Angeles TV reporter having an on-air stroke after the Grammy Awards telecast, using readers' curiosity to push out a piece of badware.

Serene Branson created a flurry of web activity on Monday when, during a post-awards report, she had a problem forming words and appeared to be suffering from a seizure or stroke. Since then, she is reportedly resting in good condition after being checked by paramedics and told her bosses the on-air incident had nothing to do with medical problems.

After the footage went viral, scammers have capitalized on continued interest in the video, posting on social networking site Facebook messages with the heading "Reporter Had a Stroke on Live TV" that contain some variation of the words: "Omg this reporter had a stroke on live tv check it out [LINK]."

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