Dumb Career Move of the Day: Teacher Disciplined, Graded X

Teacher Disciplined On what planet is it OK for teachers to watch porn on classroom computers -- while students are right there in the room? A couple of British Columbia teachers couldn't possibly have been surprised when they were busted and disciplined for doing that very thing -- one at a high school, the other at an elementary school, according to a report in the Vancouver Sun.

The elementary school teacher, James Sunderland, was called before a disciplinary board after a software program showed that a computer in the back of his room had accessed adult porn sites more than 80 times -- some of them during school hours. The pornography is reported to have varied from mild to super X-rated.

Sutherland didn't even bother to show up for his hearing, which is not a move people usually make when they're innocent. He ended up having his teaching license suspended for a year and also being fined $4,500 to cover the costs of the board's legal fees. That's a pretty light punishment considering the offense, but it will be difficult for him to to ever get a teaching job again.

In another instance, a Canadian teacher-on-call, which is like Canada's version of a substitute teacher, admitted to using computers at a high school not only to look at pornographic material, but also to chat with people on X-rated sites. He was issued a mere reprimand, but it will go on his record, and it's unlikely that he'll ever substitute again.

These two may not be teaching anymore, but hopefully they've learned a couple of lessons themselves.

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