Consumers Complain 1-800-Flowers Stood Them Up on Valentine's Day

flowersIf you're in the business of delivering flowers, Valentine's Day is easily your biggest day of the year, one you prepare for long in advance to ensure all your customers receive their flowers on time.

But judging from the dozens of complaints of non-delivery and unresponsive customer service on its Facebook page, 1-800-Flowers spoiled scores of Valentine's Day celebrations and may have forced some customers to spend a miserable night on the sofa.Consumer Ally received this email from a reader named Sandy:
"1-800-Flowers totally miffed it today with me and dozens of customers. My husband placed an order over a week ago and paid extra for guaranteed delivery today. Guess what, no flowers were ever even placed in a vase. After 60 minutes trying to get them on the phone, they finally agreed to give him a refund. But we're not the only ones. The 1-800-Flowers Facebook page is flooded with negative feedback from customers today and the company apparently keeps deleting the negative comments rather than addressing the situation."
We paid a visit to the 1-800-Flowers Facebook page, and sure enough, it was loaded with angry posts, some of which we've reproduced below, without edits.
Shaun 'Kug' -- ‎1-800-flowers is the WORST. You ruined my Valentine's day. Not only did my wife not receive her flowers, Your customer service Sucks. That is when you can get through to them. I will NEVER use 1-800-Flowers ever again!!!!!!
Sean Gallegos -- May I just say ... 1-800-Flowers is the worst company ... I ordered flowers in advance for Valentine's Day, and they failed to meet the guarantee of delivery by 7p.m. I am currently out of town, and I couldn't be there for V-Day. Thank you 1-800-Flowers for ruining my spouse's day.
Chad M. Moore -- HORRIBLE service and you charged my credit card and didn't even deliver my flowers! Wish I could just take people's money and walk away. Now your customer service doesn't even answer the phone! Total FRAUD!!! Thanks for making this the worst Valentine's Day EVERY! My GF thought I forgot and I had to show her the receipt to get out of hot water ... your company SUCKS!
Sandy also sent us a screen grab from the company's Facebook page, and we were able to find the thread containing all the comments apart from one that came between posts from Staycee Berg and Shaun 'Kug' that read as follows: "Mary Evans: Deleting my posts doesn't make me go away PEOPLE!! YOU ARE SHAMS!"

"We do not remove comments from our customers," 1-800-Flowers spokeswoman Yanique Woodall told Consumer Ally. Only comments that are offensive, obscene or otherwise violate Facebook's guidelines are deleted, she added. While Woodall couldn't explain the missing comment, and suggested it might be due to a temporary problem with that user's profile, it's certainly tame compared to the many far angrier comments posted on the company's "wall" and left untouched.

Although Woodall said she was unable to divulge the number of complaints the company received due to problems with Valentine's Day deliveries, she said that 1-800-Flowers prides itself on customer service and is busy trying to address all complaints. The Facebook page is also full of posts from company representatives responding to complaints via "private messages."

"If customers are not happy, we will do whatever it takes to make them happy," Woodall said.

1-800-Flowers enjoys an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is largely a measure of its responsiveness to complaints -- of which the company receives many. In the past three years, the BBB processed 819 complaints against 1-800-Flowers, with "delivery issues" topping the list of grievances. The company resolved 732 of them, while the other 87 were "administratively closed."

Because the company is an "accredited BBB business," dissatisfied customers stand a good chance of receiving a refund, if not salvaging their Valentine's Day, which may be cold comfort at this point.

You can file a complaint with the BBB here. Filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and your state attorney general might also be worthwhile to determine if there's been a pattern of misconduct that warrants investigating.

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