Cafe World Fridge It! Goals: Everything you need to know


If you thought we might get away with receiving a new item in Cafe World without receiving new goals to go along with it, you'd be proven wrong this evening, as the newly released Fridge in the game has been met with three new Fridge It! goals to complete.

The first goal is rather simple, asking you to start the construction process on your own Fridge, along with serving a quickly cooking dish.

Place the Fridge Builder
Serve Belgian Waffles 14 Times
Earn 5,000 Coins

The Fridge Builder item refers to the free crate containing the base of the Fridge that can be built in your cafe. You'll be able to place the Fridge Builder automatically the first time you play the game after the update, or you'll be able to access it for free at any time from the Special items section of the store. As for the Belgian Waffles, that is not only a cheap dish (costing just 200 coins to cook), but also one that is prepared rather quickly - after cooking for just 2 hours. If you have a tendency to forget about food that takes so little time to cook (that is, if you tend to let it spoil), remember that you can use some of your spices to instantly complete the process, if you have any time-reduction spices in your Spice Rack, that is. The rewards for finishing this first goal are 500 Cafe Points and 20,000 coins.

Meet us behind the break for a look at the two remaining missions in this trio.

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