Cafe World Fridge: Everything you need to know

If you've finished the Valentine's Day goals in Cafe World and are looking for something new to spend your time on, why not build a refrigerator for your Cafe? This item isn't just something to pass the time - it's a constructable item that will allow those users that do a lot of cooking to save their meals for later use. That's right - after you build your Fridge for your cafe, you'll be able to use it to store food so that it doesn't Spoil, and then use it at a later time.

While it might not initially seem as though this item is worth building, let me put it to you this way - you could potentially cook a set of different dishes and then save them for later use - perhaps when a quest calls for you to serve that specific dish, saving yourself time later on, if you've been reading our mission guides here on - The Blog!. Has that little idea sparked your interest? Meet us behind the break for details on how to build a Fridge for your own cafe.
As with most construction projects in Cafe World, you'll receive the base of this Fridge for free, when first starting the game (access it through the pop-up above), or you can choose to build the item later, by placing the base of the Fridge into your cafe from the Special section of the store. From there, you'll have to collect 40 items in total - 10 each of four different items - in order to complete the construction on you Fridge. These items are the Crisper Drawer, Condenser Coil, Door Shelf, and Thermostat Control.

Where most recently released "constructable" items and quests have contained items that require you to do nothing but simply send out individual gift requests to your neighbors to collect parts, this item combines that feature with one from the past - general wall posts that ask all of your friends at once to send you an item. This will likely be looked at as a negative by most users (myself included), as I've personally found it to be a lot harder to collect these types of items, due to the simple fact that your friends might overlook your post. They also don't account for friends that might play games with you, but have hidden you from their news feed. If they've hidden you, they can't see your requests for help, and you'll need to work harder to earn these items.

This is the case for both the Crisper Drawers and the Condenser Coils, while the Door Shelves and Thermostat Controls can be asked for individually from your neighbors.

Once you've completed the construction on your Fridge, you'll be able to start moving food into it to save for later. This is done by clicking on a counter that is currently serving food and selecting the option to move the food into your Fridge. From within your Fridge, you'll be able to remove this food to serve it again, choosing how many servings of each dish to remove and serve. Unfortunately, the Fridge only starts with room for three dishes to be stored, but you can purchase new shelves of food storage (up to three more) for 10 Cafe Cash each. It's unknown as of now whether or not the option for free upgrades will be released in the future. Personally, I wouldn't mind putting forth a little bit of work to upgrade my Fridge, so long as it meant I could earn more space and save my Cafe Cash at the same time.

Check out our Refrigerator Goals Guide and our Refrigerator Gifting Links for more.

What do you think of this new in-game project? Will you build a Fridge and use it to store items, or will you skip it altogether? Let us know in the comments.
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