AT&T social gaming platform coming to Android phones

AT&T and Android
AT&T and Android

Ever since Apple opened up its iPhone to Verizon customers, AT&T has been pouting over its loss of exclusivity through scathing ad campaigns. The carrier hopes to restore some of that with a new project in conjunction with mobile social games network OpenFeint. According to Social Times, this new mobile social games network will be exclusive to Android phones and appears to be a direct competitor with Apple's Game Center for iOS.

OpenFeint is available on both Android and iOS with over 65 million registered players across 4,500 games. An AT&T spokeswoman told Social Times, "The net-net here is that we want developers to build more connected games for our customers." In other words, AT&T wants to scrounge up some level of exclusivity with a platform ... any platform. Will it do any better than Game Center has for iPhones? Isn't "How will AT&T will cope with iPhone 'Big Love'?" a more pressing question?

[Image Credit: Social Times]

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