Angry Birds Vs. CityVille: The birds are soaring to social networks

Angry Birds All Good
And here we were, calling out to the heavens, "Who will stand up to the mighty CityVille?" Unsurprisingly, Angry Birds creator Rovio mentioned at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain that it will be taking our irate, plump avian friends online and onto social networks (i.e. Facebook). Though, it is surprising that we didn't think of this when drafting our predictions for 2011. Who else could defeat Zynga and the most popular social game ever than the most popular mobile game ever?

While Rovio wouldn't provide any details concerning its imminent move to our web browsers, according to The Next Web, it did say that it plans to bring another 100 million players in the move to Facebook. (Alright, so Facebook isn't confirmed, but the game's Valentine's Day edition suggest otherwise.) Considering the game has already reached 75 million downloads--and social games are free to play--that's not too far a stretch. Not to mention Rovio has the strength of the Angry Birds name, which is just about everywhere from board games to stuffed animals and Super Bowl commercials.

With that kind of following, Zynga should be shakin' in its boots right about now. Especially with CityVille in slow decline from its peak of over 100 million players last month. When your game has been featured in a Super Bowl commercial you probably don't need to worry about that cross promotion nonsense. Since Rovio is currently working on Angry Birds Rio, the birds likely won't be hitting Facebook until Spring at the earliest. Will Rovio prove the naysayers wrong?

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