Valentine's Day Special: Love at Work

love at work Valentine's Day is here and you can feel that love is in the air ... and perhaps at the office as well. The phrase "dipping your pen in company ink," has become a cliche, but have you ever stopped to wonder why it's so common?

Maybe it's because we spend more of our waking hours in the office then anywhere else, or perhaps it's the sheer number of eligible mates that an office environment provides. Whatever the reason, many of us wind up finding love at work.

We take these risks in spite of the tremendous fallout that can result from office romances gone bad. Even at the risk of having to pack our bags and look for work elsewhere, there's just something alluring about the prospect of finding love at work.

1. Cupid in the Cubicle

More than half of your colleagues at work have been involved in a little a little sumpin' sumpin' at the office, and chances are that even you have succumbed as well. According to the annual Office Romance Survey conducted by, 59 percent of respondents said that they have participated in some form of office romance.

2. I Met My Spouse at Work

For some happy couples, Valentine's Day isn't just a celebration of their romance. It's also a celebration of having a special job -- for without those, they would have never met, fallen in love and gotten married.

And while some companies frown on fraternization, some of these lovestruck partners still found a way to make romance in the workplace happen, even if it meant someone had to move on to a different employer.

3. Jobs With a Big Heart

The recession has caused many people to re-think their careers. While some have decided that any job is a good job, others have started looking for more meaningful work. They want a gig that gives back.

You may assume that meaningful work automatically means modest pay, but that's not always the case.

4. Best Jobs for Finding Love

Given the long hours that many employees spend at the workplace, it's not surprising that some end up meeting the person of their dreams one cubicle away.

Still, workplace romances can be risky, as Lizandra Vega, an executive recruiter and author of 'The Image of Success: Make a Great Impression and Land The Job You Want,' is quick to point out ...

5. Good Odds on Meeting Your Spouse at Work

February is everyone's favorite time of year to investigate the pros and cons of romantic relationships that bloom in the workplace. Most are coming up with the same results, however: Workers are turning to the once "taboo" office pool in search of companionship, and it appears to be paying off.

6.Handling Overly Amorous Bosses

Sometimes it seems like not everyone got the memo about taboo behaviors in the workplace. The girl who excitedly plans her wedding over the phone in the middle of the day didn't get the memo. The guy who wears so much cologne that you swear he moonlights at a perfume counter didn't get the memo. And your overtly flirtatious boss ...

7. Secret Romances at Work

Some people love their jobs. Others take that idea a little further and find love at work. A new study by AOL Jobs reports that 20 percent of people secretly dated a co-worker. More men said that no one found out, compared to women.

The survey also found that 25 percent had an affair with someone at work -- and out of those having an affair, 43 percent reported that one of the people involved was married.

8. In Love with Your Work

Maybe you've been plugging away at the same job for several years and feel burnt out. Or, perhaps you're growing tired of office politics and a long commute. Whatever the reason, you've lost that spark that used to make you excited to go to work. Now it just feels like plain old, boring work. In honor of Valentine's Day, we asked career experts for their tips on rekindling career passion.

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