Mafia Wars Love is Hard to Find: Everything you need to know

A new collection event has launched in Mafia Wars in celebration of the current Valentine's Day holiday, but as you might expect in the world of Mafia Wars, no event is full of light-hearted candy and roses, and this is no exception. The new event is called "Love is Hard to Find" and it has you collecting as many Broken Hearts as you can within a specific time limit (now sitting at around eight and a half days remaining).

You'll be able to collect Broken Hearts through a number of different ways, including receiving them as free gifts (or receiving them as free bonuses on your friends' wall posts), or as loot drops from Jobs, Fights, and Robbing. There are unfortunately limits in place for the number of hearts you can collect each day, as you can only receive 10 Hearts at most from each of the Jobs, Fights, and Robbing sources, while you can only receive 20 Hearts in total each day from the gifting method.

While Red Hearts are worth just one point in the overall collection feature, you also have a chance to come across special Golden Hearts, which count as five points. Find out what these points will earn you behind the break.

There are just four rewards up for grabs in this event, but each comes with some fairly decent stats. Here's a full rundown of the four items, including their Attack / Defense stats, and their prices.

Lovebird - Costs 25 Broken Hearts - 52 Attack and 36 Defense
Bullet Proof Heart (armor) - Costs 50 Broken Hearts - 42 Attack and 67 Defense
Total Eclipse (vehicle) - Costs 100 Broken Hearts - 76 Attack and 45 Defense
Cardiac Arrest (weapon) - Costs 150 Broken Hearts - 51 Attack and 89 Defense

If you'd like a quick boost in your Broken Heart count, you can purchase Hearts outright for 1 Reward Point each. As for the other methods, you have more than a week to earn these hearts, so keep asking your active Mafia Wars neighbors for help in receiving these Broken Hearts as free gifts. By the time the event expires, you should have at least enough for the Lovebird, if not the Cardiac Arrest item as well, which definitely shouldn't leave you broken hearted.

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