FarmVille Valentines Collection Day 5: Heart Teddy

FarmVille Valentine's Heart Bear
FarmVille Valentine's Heart Bear

The next gift in the FarmVille Valentine's Day 12 Day Countdown is now available for you to ask from your friends. The Heart Teddy is a big teddy bear with a pink t-shirt adorned with hearts. To get your teddy, you simply need to click on the "Ask/Share" button on the 12 Day Countdown window (which can be accessed by clicking the heart in the top right of your game window). Your friends can then click on the feed story to give you a teddy bear and get one for themselves.

As a quick recap, here are the gifts so far:

Day 1: FarmVille I Love You Stand
Day 2: FarmVille I Love You Sign
Day 3: FarmVille XOXO Sign
Day 4: FarmVille Purple Hay Bale
Day 5: FarmVille Heart Bear

The 6th gift should be released later this evening, and at that point if you don't have the Heart Bear you will either have to pay Farm Cash for it or beg one of the six players that FarmVille will still let you ask. Remember that if you collect all 12 of the gifts, you will get the exclusive FarmVille Purple Valentine's Cow.

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