FarmVille Mystery Game (02/13/2011): Chinese New Year Round 2

If you hadn't had enough of the Chinese New Year theme in FarmVille, you're in luck, as Zynga has updated this Mystery Game this evening to include six new items from the theme, some of which you may recognize from FarmVille Sneak Peeks we've offered you in the past.

This week's item release is four part animal to two part decoration, and it costs 16 Farm Cash to play (the "normal" Mystery Game cost). Here's a look at what's at stake this week:

Asian Pavilion
Lantern Sheep
Red Lantern Bridge
Kung Fu Duck
Mongolian Horse
New Year Cow

As you might expect, the Mongolian Horse and New Year Cow can both be bred in their respective animal buildings, for a chance to receive either a Mongolian Foal or a New Years Calf. The calf has to be one of the cutest foals we've seen in the game, as this little fella is completely overwhelmed by his New Year mask.

No matter which prize you'd like to receive, you'll need to play the game quickly, as these items will only be available for the next week, after which point a new set of six items will be added to the game. We'll be sure to let you know what those items are when the time comes, so keep checking back.

Which of these items do you hope to win from the Mystery Game? Let us know in the comments.
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