FarmVille Anti-Valentine Decorations: Broken Heart Home, Barbed Heart, and more

Remember back in the middle of January, when Zynga asked users what they thought about potentially having an Anti-Valentine's Day theme of items in FarmVille? While the majority of this month's festivities have been about celebrating the light and cheery side of love, Zynga has come through with their impromptu suggestion of releasing Anti-Valentine's Day items in the game, as they have released a whole set of decorations in tonight's update.

The first item is actually a building, which comes with one of the best animations I've seen in the game. It is the Broken Heart Home, and it is available for 18 Farm Cash. This is a fairly large item, both in terms of its base size and its height, as a dark rain cloud hovers over the home, sending a never-ending rain-shower onto the home below. The home is also decorated as its name suggests - as a broken heart with a crack down the center - so if you're single this Valentine's Day, or just appreciate the darker theme of this item, make sure to give it a look.