FarmVille Anti-Valentine Animals: Skunk, Black Cherry Horse, Black Cherry Foal

Continuing in FarmVille's short Anti-Valentine's Day theme, we see the release of three new animals in the game this evening. Two of these animals are available to purchase in the store, and come in the form of a Skunk and a Black Cherry Horse.

If you're looking to celebrate your single-status this Valentine's Day, we can't think of a better way to keep your friends away from you than to have a Skunk on your farm. You can purchase one for 16 Farm Cash. Skunks are available to harvest every two days, and you'll receive 90 coins when doing so. You'll earn 1600 experience points for purchasing the Skunk. It should be noted that the Skunk was released previously in the game as a Mystery Game item, so don't be alarmed if it looks familiar.

Meanwhile, the Black Cherry Horse will be an expensive addition to your horse collection, as it costs 26 Farm Cash. As with other horses, the Black Cherry variety can be harvested every three days, and you'll gain 140 coins when doing so. The Black Cherry Horse can be placed inside your Horse Stable, and if combined with a Stallion (either wandering or permanent), you'll have a chance to breed a matching Black Cherry Foal.

Personally, we think the Black Cherry Horse is pretty enough to not need hiding after Valentine's Day has come and past, but we'll leave that up to you.

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Will you purchase either of these Anti-Valentine animals? Is it because they are simply pretty, or do you like what the theme represents? Let us know in the comments.