Facebook: Changes to News Feed may cause you to miss out on game posts

Facebook is an ever-changing landscape, especially where the technical, user-interface portions of the site are concerned. It seems that with every new change to the site, whether it be for users' privacy or just for an ease of navigation, there is an effect on Facebook games that rears its ugly head. So too is the case with the latest change that Facebook has recently implemented - that being with a "trimming" of the information shown on your news feed.

This new change has happened automatically on your account, and will change your News Feed from displaying posts from all of your friends and liked Pages to just those "Friends and pages you interact with most." While this likely won't be noticed by the average Facebook user, for those game players that have tons of in-game neighbors that they may not necessarily talk to everyday (ie: you may look at their posts, but you don't comment or like them) you might have found that your neighbors have vanished, or at least become mute over the last few days.

If you'd like to ensure that you're seeing all game related posts (and are therefore able to claim each and every bonus technically possible), follow our quick steps for reversing this change behind the break.