Picture of the Day: Rowena Santiago's Valentine's Day Farm

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This breathtaking FarmVille Valentine's Day farm was posted by Rowena Santiago (or rowenasantiago in the FarmVille Forums. But what is it that makes this farm so special? Perhaps it's the heartwarming image she created with hay bales and crops? Perhaps it's the attention to detail such as the bouquet of flowers actually being a bundle of pink trees? Or perhaps its' the impressive scenery surrounding this incredibly unique FarmVille Valentine's Day farm? No, what makes this farm one of the best examples of farm art I've ever seen is the the combination of all those elements. Keep up the good work Rowena Santiago!

Continue reading to see what the artist, Rowena Santiago, had to say!

What inspired your great Valentine's Day farm design?

I was inspired to do it as it reminds me and my husband a few years ago when he proposed as well as a good entry for the Valentine theme.

Do you have any awesome decorating tips to share?
When you want to decorate your farm like for instance putting some hay bale art, you have to think of a unique concept that people will appreciate. Also, consider a good arrangement so for it to look clean.

How did you create the incredible hay bale art?

The art was taken from a cross stitch pattern. Be sure when you're picking a pattern, consider the colors as the hay bales are of limited colors. If you will check, I used some pigs for the skintone color of the design.

How long did it take you to complete the design?

It took me for around 1 1/2 days. I have a background in making cross stitches so I'm already a fond of it.

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