Rat Sends Alaska Airlines Plane Back to Gate

An Alaska Airlines flight had to return to the gate at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport when a rat was spotted on the plane.

Flight 676 was headed to Denver and had just pulled away from the gate at Sea-Tac when a passenger reported seeing the rat scurrying around the cabin, the Associated Press reports.

The 737 aircraft returned to the terminal, and the crew and passengers boarded another plane for Denver about 90 minutes later.

Alaska Airlines says it pulled the plane out of service to make sure the rat didn't chew anything that could disrupt a flight. The carrier was also bringing in an exterminator.

"Sometimes rodents can seek shelter in strange places,'' Alaska Airlines spokesperson Bobbie Egan tells the AP.

Passengers boarding other Alaska Airlines flights at Sea-Tac Airport took the incident in stride.

"It's not something that is great, but clean the plane a little better," Celia Hacker tells Seattle's KIRO-TV.

There have actually been reports of real-life "Snakes on a Plane" as well.

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