FrontierVille Romance Collection now available


If you're interested in earning even more free animals in FrontierVille, then take a look at the second of two new collections that were released in the game alongside the Kissing Tree. This collection is the Romance Collection, and the five items therein can be earned in a variety of ways.

First, you can earn these items at random when collecting your daily bonus from a fully built Kissing Tree. If you complete the Kissing Tree collection and have some Kissing Swans on your land (the prize you receive for doing so), you can also earn these Romantic Collection items from those Kissing Swans. Any romantic animal has the ability to spawn these items, as a matter of fact, so if you've purchase a Valentine's Day Mystery Animal Crate from the store, you'll have a chance of receiving these collectibles from your prize.

Here are the five items to keep an eye out for:

Heart Frame
Love Song

The collection's description also says that you can earn these items through "other romantic activities," so we'll make sure to let you know what those activities are in the future (it's possible they don't even exist yet, as the only items I've received have come from the Kissing Tree itself). Either way, your prizes for completing this collection are a Kissing Rabbits animal item and 150 XP. With this collection and the Kissing Tree collection, you now have a chance at earning two of the three kissing animal sets currently available in the newest Mystery Animal Crate for free - even long after the crate itself leaves the store. We can't argue with that.

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How many of these Romance Collection items have you already earned on your homestead? Let us know in the comments.