FrontierVille Hank and Fanny Goals: Everything you need to know

In the ongoing saga of the love triangle between Hank, Fanny, and Bess in FrontierVille, we've now been given a choice of which two of these characters we'd like to see move into romantic relationship via the launch of the Kissing Tree in the game. After finishing the first three Kissing Tree Goals (link is to a guide to completing said goals), you'll be able to choose which couple you'd like to hit it off.

If you choose to have Hank and Fanny hit it off in the game, you'll be given a five-part mission series detailing their specific romance. The contents of this quests are subject to change at any time, so keep that in mind.

The first step in this goal series has you helping Hank build up the nerve to ask Fanny out to a nice dinner, which you'll apparently be making yourself.

Harvest 10 Tomatoes
Harvest 10 Wheat
Have or Get 2 Butters

Butters are part of the Cow collection, and if you already have them on your account, you won't need to earn two more. Tomatoes, meanwhile, grow in 15 minutes, while Wheat takes one full day to grow. Don't forget, though, all you need to do is have your friends come and water your crops and then accept their action to count as a harvest. Four friends later, and you could have this step done within a matter of minutes, rather than waiting a full day for your wheat to grow. The rewards for completing Part I are 100 XP and 25 Reputation Hearts (individual points, not full levels).
Part II of V will slow your progress a bit, as you'll have to ask for some items from your friends, allowing with growing more crops.

Have or Get 1 Old Book
Collect 10 Body-Building Magazines
Harvest 20 Pink Roses

Pink Roses are available to harvest after growing for 14 hours, while the Old Book is part of the General Store collection. Just as with the Butters before, if you already have an Old Book, you won't have to ask for another. Finally, the Body-Building Magazines can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you (at the time of this writing via your news feed). Finish this quest and you'll earn 50 XP and 200 coins.

Part III of V will slow your progress even further, as you won't be able to finish it for at least 24 hours, unless you want to pay Horseshoes.

Collect 2 School Bonuses
Visit 10 Neighbors
Talk to Fanny

Fanny can be spoken to at any time by clicking on her avatar standing outside the School. Meanwhile, the daily bonus from the School can only be collected once per day. This quest is quite simple, and so are the rewards - 50 XP and 1 Bed of Flowers (a decorative item available to purchase in the store for 14,500 coins)

Part IV of V will require you to chop down quite a few trees, but not because that itself is a stipulation of the goal.

Clobber 5 Bears
Harvest 30 White Roses
Collect 10 Silver Needles

Like I said, you'll need to chop down plenty of trees to be able to bring out 5 Bears, but hopefully, you still have some trees left over from your recent 35 x 35 land expansion that you can chop down to lure them out. Meanwhile, you'll need to ask your friends for Silver Needles, and then wait 10 hours to harvest your 30 White Roses, if you don't believe in the "friends watering" exploit that I spoke of at the top of this post. Your final rewards before the finale of this mission are 100 coins and 2 Dinner energy items.

Finally, Part V of V will see the culmination of this particular romance on your farm, with a big party to celebrate Hank and Fanny's new-found romance. The three tasks required though, are rather odd.

Sell 10 Adult Geese
Harvest 20 Potatoes
Pick 10 Wildflowers

Geese can be purchased from the store for 330 coins each, and will grow to an adult goose after being fed a total of 11 times. Potatoes, meanwhile, can be planted and harvested after just 4 hours. Your rewards for finishing this love-story on your homestead are 200 XP and 1 Flowery Can, a decorative item that normally costs 10,000 coins when purchased from the store.

And there you have it! A sweeping love-story that apparently ends on a happy ending... for now. How will your choice alter the gameplay and story of your own game into the future? Only time will tell at this point, but we'll be sure to let you know how this changes the big picture when we know more.

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Is this the love-story that you chose in FrontierVille? Is your choice affected by the complexity of the missions, or will you follow your own heart with your choice? Let us know in the comments.
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