FrontierVille Hank and Bess Goals: Everything you need to know

In the ongoing saga of the love triangle between Hank, Fanny, and Bess in FrontierVille, we've now been given a choice of which two of these characters we'd like to see move into romantic relationship via the launch of the Kissing Tree in the game. After finishing the first three Kissing Tree Goals (link is to a guide to completing said goals), you'll be able to choose which couple you'd like to hit it off.
If you choose to have Hank and Bess hit it off in the game, you'll be given a five-part mission series detailing their specific romance. The contents of this quests are subject to change at any time, so keep that in mind.

The first step in Hank and Bess's romance will see you learning more about what Bess likes, in order for Hank to become a smarter gentleman in the process.

Clear 5 Wildflowers
Get 1 Bird House
Feed 10 Cows

These steps are relatively simple, so long as you have enough room on your land for the Wildflowers to actually spawn. A Bird House can be purchased from the store for 1500 coins and 10 Wood. Your rewards for starting on your path to romance are 100 XP and 25 Reputation Hearts (individual points, not full Reputation levels).
Part II of V will see you helping Bess cook a nice dinner for Hank, as he is tired of living the Bachelor's life, with no down-home cooking on his plate.

Harvest 20 Potatoes
Have or Get 2 Butters
Turn in the Pig Collection

Potatoes are available to harvest after just four hours, while Butters are part of the Cow Collection. As tends to be the case with such requirements, if you already have the Butters on your account before starting this mission, you won't need to earn anymore - this step will be completed for you automatically. Meanwhile, you'll be able to tend pigs on your own, or on your friends' Homesteads to randomly earn the items necessary to turn in the Pig Collection. Completing these three steps rewards you with 150 Food and 50 Reputation points.

Part III of V will finally see the inclusion of a collection feature to this mission set, so I hope you have a few friends on hand that can help you out.

Harvest 20 Sunflowers
Visit 20 Neighbors
Collect 10 Love Ballads

Love Ballads are a new item in the game that can be collected by posting a general news item to your feed, while Sunflowers can be planted from the store and harvested after 18 hours. Remember, you can also take advantage of the friends' watering exploit, by having four of your friends come to your Homestead and water your Sunflowers. When accepting this action back in your own game, the quest will act as though you have harvested those Sunflowers, saving you time. Finishing this mission rewards you with 150 Food and one Bed of Flowers, a decorative item that is normally available to purchase in the store for 14,500 coins.

Part IV of V asks you to craft a few items, but this can be easily skipped if you have a few Care Packages on hand.

Harvest 30 White Roses
Craft 10 Presents
Collect 2 Daily Bonuses at the Chapel

As we said, you can either open Care Packages and receive free Presents, or you can craft Presents inside the General Store. Each Present costs 2 Ribbon and 5 Cloth to produce. Meanwhile, White Roses are available to purchase from the store, and are ready to harvest after 10 hours. Finishing this quest rewards you with 200 XP and 100 coins.

Finally Part V of V sees you wrapping up this romance on your Homestead by helping Hank and Bess collect a sum of coins and supplies that they can use to hopefully own their own Homestead sometime in the future.

Collect 10,000 coins
Harvest 30 Red Roses
Collect 10 Sets of Silverware

As you might expect, the 10,000 coins will be taken from you at the completion of this mission. However, you'll earn plenty of coins in profit from harvesting your Red Roses, which take 1 day and 12 hours to grow. Finally, collecting Sets of Silverware is accomplished by simply posting a news feed to your wall asking your friends to help you. For finishing this love-story on your homestead, you'll receive 200 XP, 1 of the candy items available to purchase in the store (the giant candy hearts), and 50 Reputation Hearts.

And there you have it! A fairly simple set of missions that, while time-consuming, might be the right choice for someone who is looking to complete their section of the love-triangle as easily as possible.

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Is this the choice you'll make in your own FrontierVille game, or do you think that Hank should end up with Fanny instead? Let us know in the comments.
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