FrontierVille Bess and Fanny Goals: Everything you need to know

In the ongoing saga of the love triangle between Hank, Fanny, and Bess in FrontierVille, we've now been given a choice of which two of these characters we'd like to see move into romantic relationship via the launch of the Kissing Tree in the game. After finishing the first three Kissing Tree Goals (link is to a guide to completing said goals), you'll be able to choose which couple you'd like to hit it off.
If you choose to have Bess and Fanny hit it off in the game, you'll be given a five-part mission series detailing their specific romance. The contents of this quests are subject to change at any time, so keep that in mind.

Part I of V sees you kicking off this romance on your homestead by seeing what exactly Bess and Fanny have in common. You know they say opposites attract...

Harvest 10 White Roses
Clear 5 Wildflowers
Have or Get 2 Cherry Candies

The Cherry Candies are part of the Cherry Collection, but as usual, if you already have two of these in your inventory, you won't need to gather anymore - this step will be completed for you. Meanwhile, White Roses can be purchased from the store and harvested after 10 hours. Your rewards for launching this romance on your Homestead are 100 XP and 25 Reputation Hearts (those being individual points, not full Reputation levels).
Part II of V continues this romance by seeing Fanny taking a real interest in Bess, who doesn't think she has time for romance. You'll need to help convince her that she does.

Harvest 20 Pink Roses
Turn in the Cow Collection
Have 10 Love Letters

The Love Letters are a new item that can be collected by posting a general news item to your feed asking your friends to help. While you're waiting, you can plant your Pink Roses, which take 14 hours to grow, or you can spend your time harvesting either your own or your neighbors' cows in an effort to collect the items necessary to turn in the Cow Collection (if you don't have them all on-hand to start). The rewards for completing Part II are 50 XP and 200 coins.

Part III of V marks the halfway point of this storyline, and it sees you helping your friends with their animals, along with turning in another collection.

Collect 2 Barn Bonuses
Tend 20 Neighbor Oxen
Turn in the Oxen Collection

Hopefully, through the process of tending to all of those Oxen on your neighbors' homesteads, you'll be able to earn the item necessary to turn in the Oxen Collection. Remember, though, you can also tend your own Oxen to earn items as well. Meanwhile, the Barn Bonus can be collected once per day. Finishing this relatively simple mission will reward you with 50 XP and one Bed of Flowers, a decorative item that can otherwise be purchased from the store for 14,500 coins.

Moving onto Part IV of V sees you collecting 10 more items with the help of friends, along with turning in yet another collection.

Harvest 30 Red Roses
Turn in the Apple Collection
Collect 10 Charm Bracelets

You'll be able to collect the Charm Bracelets by posting a general news item to your wall asking your friends to help, while you can harvest both your own or your friends' Apple Trees in order to earn the items necessary to complete the Apple Collection. Finally, Red Roses can be purchased from the store and harvested after growing for 1 day and 12 hours. Your final reward before the finale of this romance is 300 XP.

Finally, Part V of V sees you concluding this love-story on your homestead by helping Fanny convince Bess to sing in the Sunday Choir at the Chapel.

Craft 3 Comforters in the Chicken Coop
Collect 10,000 coins
Craft 2 Choir Outfits in the Chapel

While this mission may look challenging, remember to use any Care Packages you might have saved to see if you can be given these five crafted items for free. If not, you can craft a Comforter using 15 Cloth and Downy Feathers, with Downy Feathers themselves being the reward for turning in the Goose Collection. Choir Outfits, meanwhile, can be crafted in the Chapel using 2 Pamphlets and 2 Fancy Clothing. Pamphlets themselves are created in the Chapel using one Ink Well and 1,000 coins each, while a single Fancy Clothing is made in the General Story for 2 Ribbon and 2 Clothes. It's a complicated process - finally getting to both of these end products - but it shouldn't prove too difficult if you have some ribbon, cloth, and coins on hand. Your final rewards for helping these two find love are 300 XP and a Dozen Roses, a decorative item that can otherwise be purchased from the store for 4,000 coins.

And there you have it! A complete guide to bringing love to your frontier. We'll be sure to let you know how your choices in this Kissing Tree event alter the rest of the game as soon as Zynga reveals more, so keep checking back.

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Is this the choice you made for your frontier, or did you choose one of the two other available romances for your game? Let us know in the comments.
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