FarmVille Valentines Collection Day 3: XOXO Sign

FarmVille XOXO sign
FarmVille XOXO sign

The third FarmVille Valentine's Day collectible item in the series is now available to send and receive from your friends! The XOXO sign is a cute red and white sign that sits on your farm and matches yesterday's "I Love You" sign quite well. To get the XOXO sign, you simply need to click the green "Ask/Share" button to post a wall post to your newsfeed asking your friends to click and send you the gift.

You can also search your newsfeed for friends who are looking for help receiving one - because every time you click you will get an XOXO sign of your own. If you missed out on the previous two rewards, you can buy them for 2 Farm Cash each.

Are you enjoying the collection so far? What else do you hope to see?

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