FarmVille English Countryside Special Delivery: Souvenir Hat

FarmVille English Countryside
FarmVille is moving full steam ahead with the teasers for the new English Countryside feature. Though we still don't know what it is (we have our guesses) we knew that we would be getting some souvenirs to get us excited. Tonight the first one is here - a Souvenir Hat with the UK flag on it.

farmville england flag hat promo
To get your flag hat, log in to your farm and check out where the English Countryside sign was placed previously (to the right of your farm, just outside your property line). You will see a special delivery that looks like a plane and a crate that are placed there that can be clicked on to access your prize. Once you click on it, the above postcard will show and you'll be able to share an English Hat on your wall with your friends. The hat will automatically be accessible when you click on your farmer avatar - just check the "Accessories" section.

farmville england flag hat on farmer

We're hoping this is the start of a long series of fun teasers that will make way for an exciting new FarmVille feature.

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Do you have your English Hat? Are you excited for the English Countryside feature?
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