Help! My Boss is Flirting With Me

boss flirting
boss flirting

by Kaitlin Madden and Rachel Farrell, Special to CareerBuilder

Sometimes it seems like not everyone got the memo about taboo behaviors in the workplace. The girl who excitedly plans her wedding over the phone in the middle of the day didn't get the memo. The guy who wears so much cologne that you swear he moonlights at a perfume counter didn't get the memo. And your overtly flirtatious boss certainly didn't get the memo, either.

While the first two examples are annoying, the final one is annoying, rude, awkward and counterproductive. A flirtatious boss can mean an uncomfortable workday and a desire to avoid the one person you probably need to be interacting with on a regular basis while on the job. In order to regain your sanity and a reasonable level of comfort at work, it's necessary to diffuse an overly-friendly boss situation ASAP.

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