And the No. 1 Workplace Complaint Is ...

Number One Workplace Complaint It's not the size of the cubicle. It's not the noise level, the gruesome bathrooms, or even your colleague's breath. According to the International Facility Management Association, (IFMA) the No. 1 workplace complaint in regards to conditions is (drumroll please) ... temperature!

If you constantly find yourself bundling up in sweaters or wiping the sweat from your brow, you're in good company. "For many years, IFMA has conducted surveys of its facility management members to find out the top office complaints among employees," states the IFMA, in a document presenting the results of their survey. "Common grievances offered include high noise levels, limited space and unusual odors. However, complaints of the temperature being too hot or too cold always top the list."

When asked what kind of complaints they receive, building managers said office conditions being either too hot or too cold top the list, but people are also unhappy about indoor air quality and the office being too drafty, too noisy, or even too dry.

More people complain about the office being too hot, rather than over-air conditioned, probably because it's easier and more socially acceptable to warm up by putting on a sweater than it is to cool down by peeling off various layers of clothing. In order to change their immediate environment, employees say they schlep personal heaters or fans into the office, block or redirect vents, and tamper with the thermostat (usually surreptitiously, we assume).

About 43 percent of the people surveyed said that bosses at their companies relax the dress code in the summertime so employees can be comfortable at higher temperatures.

How about you? Do you have any tricks or suggestions for adjusting a temperature that isn't right for you? Your fellow shivering and/or sweating office workers want to know.

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